Founded by Sister Mary Elizabeth Wooley as Mary’s Kinder

1975 – 1987

Mary’s Kinder was operated by Sr. Elizabeth for 12 years in a trailer on Motherhouse property in Lakeview (located on what is now the present play yard near Louisville Street), and served about 12 children


Mary’s Kinder moved from the trailer to Motherhouse basement, and was changed to Cub Corner.  Sr. Mary Ellen became Director and grew Cub Corner from 12 children to nearly 100, ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old.


Cub Corner expanded into the CBD and opened Carmel in the Business District, with Sr. Gwen Grillot serving as Executive Director and Elizabeth Coe as Child Care Director for the next seven years.


Sr. Alice Abate became Executive Director of Cub Corner and Mary Beth Bonin served as Child Care Director.  Cub Corner continued to grow and fulfill an increasing need for child care.


With several child care centers opening in the CBD, enrollment decreased and the decision was made to close Carmel in the Business District and combine the two operations at the Lakeview campus.


Hurricane Katrina brought 14 feet of water and completely devastated the facility.  Cub Corner closed until September 2006.


On September 9, 2006, Cub Corner reopened in a temporary building on Lorino Street in Metairie with a staff of 17 people and a small enrollment that quickly grew to 57, ages 6 weeks to 3 years old.  Plans for renovating the Lakeview campus were already underway.


With many prayers and assistance from countless people and organizations, Cub Corner re-opened in February 2009 at the SMC Motherhouse in Lakeview.  Enrollment doubled in size.


The multi-purpose room was converted into a classroom to accommodate the growing enrollment.  By the end of May, a total of 127 children were enrolled and 37 staff members were engaged to help keep the school running smoothly.


Our staff continues to provide the same love and care upon which Sr. Mary Elizabeth Wooley founded Mary’s Kinder, and we feel blessed to grow and welcome 130+ of God’s little ones each day.