Our Safety Policies

The safety of all of our children is paramount and we take all precautions necessary to safeguard our students.

Student Collection Policy

Upon registration, parents are asked to provide a list of family, friends and emergency contacts authorized to pick up their children.  Children will only be allowed to leave with these individuals once an ID has been shown and verified with the child’s file.  No one will be granted access to any part of the building not authorized.  Every authorized visitor must sign the child in and out according to the time clock near the door.

Building Security

All doors and windows at Cub Corner are kept closed and locked to ensure the safety of the children.  We execute regular building inspections to ensure that they remain secure.

Information security

All personal information provided to Cub Corner is safely stored in lockable filing cabinets or boxes.  We follow our confidentiality policy and the data protection act.   All staff are made fully aware of the confidentiality policy and the data protection act.


A comprehensive background check on all teachers and staff is performed prior to hiring to ensure that they are safe to work with children.