“We, Sisters of Mount Carmel, heirs to a Carmelite tradition enriched by the example of Mother Therese Chevrel, rely on the power of God to use our strengths and talents to continue Jesus’ redemptive mission and ministry. In touch with the hunger in our own hearts for the living God, we have a special mission to be present to others in an ever-deepening life in God, in new levels of faith, hope, and love, and in a spirituality which recalls Jesus made flesh in everyday life. The apostolic commitments of the congregation arise from our communion with the people we serve … education is still an important form of ministry in the congregation, even as new forms of human and spiritual ministry emerge.” -[Constitutions, Chap. 4 “Mission & Ministry,” art. 37-40 ]

Historically, the Sisters of Mount Carmel have been an integral part of Catholic Education in South Louisiana, from New Orleans to Lafayette since the mid-1800’s, and, since the 1960’s, in the Philippines. Although responding to the needs of the times has sent the sisters into many new areas of ministry, some of our sisters still carry on the important work of Catholic education.

At present the sisters minister in these Congregation- owned educational institutions:

Mt. Carmel Academy – New Orleans, LA

Sisters of Mt. Carmel Catholic School – Quezon City, Philippines

Cub Corner Preschool – New Orleans, LA

Pre Escolar do Monte Carmelo, Zumalai, Timor-Leste