Sister Elsie Villason, O.Carm., and the sisters in the Philippines, together with the teachers and students from the Sisters of Mount Carmel Catholic School in Fairview, Quezon City, hosted a Christmas party for the children and families from Carmel Village, Bagong Silangan, Quezon City.

Teachers from SMCCS donated goods that they gave to the parents of the children in the village. The students from SMCCS also donated toys and school supplies for the children. They also entertained the children with their dance number. The children from the village, as well as the parents, also rendered their talents in singing and dancing. This way the children from this urban poor area were able to celebrate Christmas with joy in their hearts knowing there are good and generous people who care for them. As Sister Elsie wrote “It was a moment of joy and thanksgiving, of sharing and receiving.”

Please see pictures below for the gift-giving. Photos courtesy of Sister Elsie Villason, O. Carm.

BS Gift giving 1

SMCCS Canteen Staff prepare the goods for the Christmas gift giving for the children and students of Carmel Village, Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines

BS Gift giving 2

Goods ready for distribution.

BS Gift giving 3

Children from Carmel Village showed their talent in dancing to their parents and teachers.

BS Gift giving 4

Parents showed their talents to their children and the teachers.

Children received their christmas gifts and goodies.

Children received their Christmas gifts and goodies.

BS Gift giving 7

The sisters extend their Christmas gift giving to the villagers of Bagong Silangan.

BS Gift giving 5

Sister Elsie Villason, O. Carm with the SMCCS teachers and students, distribute the goods for the parents.