Some members of the Sisters of Mount Carmel in the New Orleans area, together with a few friends and family members, gathered at the Sisters of Mount Carmel Motherhouse on Robert E. Lee to celebrate the commemoration of the U.S. Independence Day. They had Eucharistic Celebration at 4:00 in the afternoon and a dinner after.
Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!L-R:  Sister Rosemarie Penouilh, Sister Theresa Pitruzzello, SCC, Sister Francesca Truxillo, Mr. Keith Wheelahan, Sister Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, and Sister Francetta Scherer,SCC.
Independence 2015 - 5L-R:  Sister Therese Gregoire, Sister Catherine Riggs, Sister Lucie Leonard, Sister Lawrence Habetz,      Sister Germaine Lauzon, and Sister Lee Faszold.

Independence 2015 - 4L-R:  Sister Monica Cormier, SCC, Sister Joan Broussard, Sister Denis Rodrigue, and Sister Anne Leonard.

Independence 2015 - 2July birthday celebrants: Mr. Keith Wheelahan, Sister Lucie Leonard, and Sister Joan Broussard.