I am truly blessed to be involved in ministries that allow me to work with God’s people: both those that I have been called to and those that my community has assigned to me.  I am a Clinical Social Worker and a trained spiritual and retreat director.  My private practice is located in Lafayette Louisiana and I can be contacted at the following phone number:  337-322-7255.  It is truly an honor and a privilege to journey with my clients and directees as they seek  guidance to be the best person that God has created them to be.

Over the past years, I have had the honor to direct the Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirm on their yearly 8-day retreat. While spiritual direction is usually on a monthly basis, a directed retreat is a daily meeting for 8 days.  Both enable individuals to deepen their relationship with God through daily prayer.

Another ministry that I am privileged to do is to be of service to our sisters by being elected to our Executive Council.  One of the ways I can best fill this role is by listening to them and together, seeking the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, determine the best decision for that sister.

I am also the Vocation Director for our community and it is truly a blessing to journey with these women as they discern how God is calling them to live out their vocation.  It is always a gift to be an instrument of God.

How do my ministries reflect some of the charisms of the Sisters of Mount Carmel?  All my ministries reflect our contemplativeness when, as an instrument of God, I quietly listen to each individual that comes to me.  I truly love my ministries with a passion and zeal that reflects the abiding love I have for the Lord of Hosts.