Human slavery – also known as human trafficking is still happening today!

An estimated 21 million people, including children as young as age five, are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor across our world today.

Large sporting events, such as Super Bowl, are known to provide a lucrative market for human traffickers.  During the days leading up to the Super Bowl event, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Authorities will conduct surveillance operations in an attempt to prevent human traffickers from conducting their “business”.

Faith communities and many civil society groups have been active educating hotel staff and the wider public about human trafficking.  It is our hope and prayer that Super Bowl XLVII will be a Big Win in our nation’s efforts to end Human Trafficking.

Click here for Prayers to End Human Trafficking –  Human Trafficking is Not a Sport

Trafficking Information & Referral Hotline – 1-888-373-7888.