My ministry is an institutional one being connected in our learning institution, “The Sisters of Mount Carmel Catholic School.” I am missioned as an Accountant both in the Region and in the school, hence working on financial reports that are being submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), quarterly and annually and to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) annually.

Aside from accounting job I am assigned as Archivist, keeping important documents of our Congregation such as historical records, land titles, Sister’s profiles, minutes of regional assemblies, and records that are of historical importance to the life and existence of the Philippine Region.

As much as I desire for pastoral ministry, to be in direct service with people, I commit myself to share Christian formation in the village of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bagong Silangan. This is an outreach ministry of our school in Fairview.

In order to live out my Carmelite vocation, I make it a regular horarium to attend Mass every day, communal prayers, monthly community recollections and meetings, journal writings, daily scripture readings, and spiritual readings. With these spiritual exercises, I grow in self-knowledge which enables me to reveal God’s presence in my life and to others.