I have retired from active pastoral ministry and is now residing at the Magnificat House of prayer, the retirement house of our community. Though I have retired from my active pastoral ministry it does not mean that I am just sitting around and twiddling my fingers or lying in bed sleeping all day as some people may think. I am a member of the formation team for our sisters in formation (aspirant, novices and 1st year professed sisters). I teach body awareness- that the body of the human being is one of the most Magnificent creation of God –I try to correct some of the folk belief  that the human body is dirty. Human beings are created in the image and likeness of   God and are co-creators of God. We study human anatomy and the marvelous function of all the different organs. The Lessons on the Human Body serves as an introduction to the three Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience.

When I am not teaching our sisters in initial formation I do flower gardening. Part of our driveway is bordered with always in bloom cosmos plants. I also have blooming impatiens in flower pots and orchids.

I try to live out my Carmelite Vocation by being faithful in all aspects of community life with my sisters, such as daily mass, community prayer, monthly recollection, meetings and recreation.  I take care of my spiritual life by reading spiritual books that help me nourish my spirit and God’s presence in me.