The Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel welcomed three young women who joined our Lived-in Aspirancy Program in Timor-Leste starting this month of February.


Ms. Justina Fernandes from Suco Liurai, Fatubesi, Aileu, Timor Leste. Justina is 22 years old and was born on November 27, 1994 to her parents Mr. David Fernandes and Mrs. Maria de Hoda.


Ms. Sildonia Borges Tilman. She was born on October 30, 1996 to Mr. Domingo Tilman and Mrs. Joana Borges Pereira from Suco Liurai, Aileu, Timor Leste. Sildonia is 20 years old.


Ms. Natalia Rosalia Oliveira. She was born on December 23, 1994 to her parents Mr. Joao Oliveira and Mrs. Rosantina do Rosario from Suco Madabeno, Laulara, Aileu, Timor Leste. Natalia is 22 years old.