From October 25 to November November 4, 2015 Sisters Gloria Ibalio, O. Carm. the Philippine Region Regional Coordinator accompanied by Sister Elma Calajatan, O. Carm., the Postulant Formator in the Philippines, visited our sisters in Timor-Léste. They spent ten days in Dili, the Capital City of Timor-Leste, and in the mountainous area of Beilaco, Zumalai, to visit the people in the mission areas of the Sisters of Mount Carmel and to visit the families of our postulants. The sisters were warmly welcomed by the people in the different villages where the sisters worked with the people. In every village the sisters visited, they were welcomed by the villagers by placing a “tais” cloth on their neck, a sign of the people’s warm welcome to visitors. Placing a “tais” cloth on the neck of the visitor, also means, the people are hoping and praying you will come back to their place to visit them again.

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